We Mingle Our Tears
our loved ones

image Our tears have been mingled with many lives as horrible events either near us or on the news have shaken us to the core. As believers we are sure to reject evil and join with those whose loved one have been killed, injured, and terrorized.

Ours is Christ's caring and loving response to be with and pray with those who are hurting. With all that we are and all that we have we are to block evil and reach out to the suffering ones.

Also, it is our heartfelt prayer that when you are suffering, from any cause, you will turn to Christ and allow Him to gather you within His comfort that can be received from His Power and from His believers.

Two video message are offered 'Sure' and 'Shaken' point you toward the Fruit of the Spirit which is Christ's own way to draw you nearer to His love for you.


Jesus has conquered evil; the tempter has no power over Christ.

Say To The Lord I Love You, Children's Song

by Agapelurve on youtube

Singing to Jesus blesses our kids.

Jesus loves children.


when we are shaken-up by bad news

Christ is there for you all the time.

Alpha Church is an online church with visual worship. After worship take holy communion where Christ is the host; bring with you a small amount of something to eat and a little to drink and Christ will sanctify these. Be sure and watch the short videos that are offered at Alpha Church which are Bible based. Be encouraged through your prayers to move in closer to Jesus through online church learning, prayer, and holy communion with Jesus. If you are on a mobile phone then click on the mobile link to the left, which is on the menu.

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