When you mourn turn to Jesus

image There is a saying that is on the side of a building in the Cherry Street district in downtown Tulsa, 'If Mamma ain't happy then no-one is happy.' It is humorous and also true. Moms are strong, reliable and industrious. Their stability is needed in the family, as is the father's good support.

If we are in a family with an unhappy Mamma then her unhappiness, her mournful outlook, affects us also. There are times when mourning is difficult to get relief. Our Savior Jesus understands mourning. Jesus speaks about mourning in His 'sermon on the mount' in Matthew 5.

The message today, 'Happy Are Those Who Mourn,' gives you an opportunity to understand how Jesus points you toward the assurance of His love, blessings, and uplifting Holiness. We affirm together that Jesus is in charge, always and everywhere. He has you within His favor.

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Go to Jesus Christ
for His help and direction as to what to do.

Kid's Song, 'You (Jesus) have turned my mourning into dancing'

children sing

With lyrics and sacred dance, 'You've turned my mourning into dancing'

our assurance comes from Jesus our Savior

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