Blessed Are The Peacemakers, For They Will Be Called Children Of God
giving peace

image One of the best courses that I have attended was 'Conflict Management' offered to me after a time of Church growth and expansion. Pastors filled the course, knowing that within all of us there is a hesitation to adopt change or adapt to new ways, yet we were taught how to blend people with differences. We were instructed in how to give leadership by Peace in the midst of changes.

Each time there is a change in your life there is need for His Peace. Your desire for peace is motivation to turn to Jesus for His help and directions. Jesus says that His Peacemakers will be guided by the Holy Spirit to speak peace, act upon peace, and be His instruments of peace in the Kingdom of God.

Jesus will bless you as His Peacemaker.

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World peace
is brought about
by peacemakers.

For Kids -- We are His hands kids song

children are loved by Jesus

We Are His Hands, We Are His Feet, We Are His People, Children Of The Lord - song

you are a child of God, loved

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