Christ teaches us How To Rely On The Holy Spirit
Changes in your life may be Spirit Directed

image You are directed by the Holy Spirit to make righteous choices in your life when you open your heart and mind to Christ. And as your circumstances call for changes you are then able to affirm and give thanks that the Spirit is leading you, feeding you in Scriptural Holiness, and helping to focus your faith in Christ with deepening trust. When your mind is clear and alert to the Holy Spirit there will be welcome changes that are beneficial. click here to know more

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We believe

The Witness Of Disciple Thomas

Jesus comes back for Thomas after the Resurreciton

Jesus Christ had appeared to the Disciples in the Upper Room after His Resurrection but the Disciple Thomas missed that event. When the Disciples told Thomas about Christ then Thomas told them that he would believe it when he saw Him for himself.

Jesus Christ came back another time to the Disciples and Thomas was there! Christ asked Thomas to feel his side and to touch Him so that He might believe. Thomas then gave his statement of faith, "Lord, I believe!" Christ responded, "Blessed are those who have not seen yet do believe."

Jesus Christ is speaking about you. Although you were not there for His Resurrection appearances you are a believer in Christ Resurrected and the Holy Spirit's guidance. It is the Holy Spirit that enables you to move closer and closer into the Holy Presence of Christ Resurrected.

Have You Been Baptized?
Baptism is a one time event for every believer

image We are available for your Baptism should you not have been already Baptized- you only need to be Baptized once in your life and that has monumental event has an impact for the rest of your life. Let us know of your interest to receive Baptism.

A Song To Sing!

singing Praise

This is a song we love and Rev. Walker's brother-in-law, Brian Allen, is a featured singer. Enjoy!

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