How can I get a free Bible?
A free Contemporary Old/New Testament Bible will be mailed to you as you become a joining member of Alpha Church. You may hold Church membership with your hometown church and also with Alpha Church, your on-line church. You should receive your Bible within 2 weeks. Free Bible

How do I start the Worship Service?
Go to Worship Central and choose a Worship Service. Turn your speaker volume to a medium level. If the Worship Service does not begin then you need to get the Flash Player Plugin. Please bookmark this church or add this site to your Favorites List before downloading the Plugin, so that you can smoothly return to Worship. Get free plug-in now. or, Go to Worship Central

How I get to the Kids Worship Service?
Go to KidsPlace to view the Kid's Worship Services.Turn your speaker volume up to a medium level. Choose a Kid's Message and the Service will begin to automatically play. If the Kid's Service does not begin then you need to get the Flash Player Plugin. Bookmark this church or place this church in your Favorites directory. Get free plug-in now. or Go To Kids Worship

I'd like to be baptized. Is this possible on-line through Alpha Church?
To be baptized on-line you will need two baptized Christians to stand beside you to witness and support your baptism event. E-mail Rev. Walker with your request for baptism and the names of your two witness/support persons. Rev. Walker will process your request and set up an on-line baptism service especially for you. Baptism is a Holy Sacrament of the church. You may want to learn more about the Sacrament of Baptism (and, Church Membership) before participating in this Holy ceremony. Alpha Church can set up a Baptism/Church Membership class for you to participate in prior to your Baptism. E-mail Rev. Walker and let her know of your desire to be Baptized.

How can I become a member of Alpha Church?
We invite you to become a joining member of Alpha Church by professing your belief in Jesus Christ and the Bible as the Sacred Word of God. We affirm your witness for Jesus Christ through your prayers, your participation in Alpha Church, your gifts/tithes to Alpha Church, and your heartfelt service to other people in the name of Jesus Christ. Click here to join the church.

How can I support Alpha Church financially?
You can send your church offerings and tithes by mail, or contribute on-line by credit card. You may mail your offerings and tithes to Alpha Church, P.O. Box 21131, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87154. Please click here if your would prefer to contribute through the secure server on-line with your credit card. Alpha Church is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You will receive confirmation of your contribution. Thank you for your gracious financial support by donating to the global ministries that comprise Alpha Church.

DONATING STOCKS OR SECURITIES Can I donate some stock or securities?
You may choose to donate your stock or securities to Alpha Church. Your accountant can help you with the full benefits of this type of a donation to our 501(c)3 non-profit church organizaiton. Please click here to contact TD Waterhouse, where Alpha Church has an account for such transactions. To contact our church business office click here. We will gladly help you find the answers to your questions related to stock or securities donations to Alpha Church.

How do I receive Holy Communion through Alpha Church?
Before you begin the Holy Communion service you will need to have ready 1.) something small to eat (like a cracker, a piece of bread, a piece of tortilla, a few pieces of rice), and 2.) prepare a small amount to drink (juice, water, a soda, milk)-- these will serve as your communion elements. The sacramental elements will be blessed during the service of Holy Communion. You may take Holy Communion as often as desired. The service of Holy Communion is a celebration of the real Presence of Jesus Christ. Click here for Holy Communion. Should you wish to participate in on-line confession, please contact Rev. Walker by clicking here.E-mail Rev. Walker

How can I be married through Alpha Church?
Rev. Walker is available to perform Wedding Services in person. Please contact her by e-mail to begin the process of setting up your Wedding Service. E-mail Rev. Walker

How do I give a prayer request/need to Rev. Walker and/or the church prayer group? Please type us your prayer request by filling in the box below, then click the *Send Prayer* button. We will confirm that we have received your prayer request by return e-mail. Or click here E-mail Prayer Request

Your Email Address:

NEWSLETTER / BIBLE STUDIES / DISCUSSIONS Can I receive the Alpha Church Newsletter and Mid-Week Inspirational Message? And, How do can I find out about Bible Studies and Book Discussions?
Click here to receive the Newsletter and Inspirational Messages which include e-mail notice of Worship Service updates, church events, Bible Study and Christian Book Discussion opportunities, humor, Scripture devotionals and inspirational messages. Our e-mail lists are kept private, always.E-mail Rev. Walker

I have a question. How can I contact you?
Our church is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Please let us know how we can help you. If there is a question on your mind, just ask. E-mail Rev. Walker

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