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TI Nspire Teacher- [PATCHED]

Thanks for the guide! I was using ndless so I could run an emulater on my calculator (Ti-nspire Cas touchpad) and the loop glitch happened to my friend. I brought it home and read this guide and fixed it, and then the same thing happened to me! Is there anyway of running it without having that glitch happen?

TI Nspire Teacher-

Download File:

I have the nspire cx and i have installed the recources but when i try to install the Tco it says on the calc endless sucsessfully installed rebooting now and the loading bar on the computer stops. If i press ok then my nspire reboots therefore disconnecting it from loading the Tco file.

hi my ti nspire cx cas is showing 100% charging capacity in the diagnostic mode and shoows 0% in normal one and as sooon as i remove it from the outlet it turns ooff igot it yesterday and getting this issueplease help me as soon as possible as i m having an exam tomarrow

I get nothing but `System Error` on startup. I reformatted everything numerous times, i went to the diag menu, tested everything, and though i believe the nand is corrupt, it passes the test, but STILL i am stuck at load halfway on ti nspire CX, with System Error


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