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Payday 2 Update 12 Multiplayer Crack _BEST_ Fix

Update 216:GeneralAdded an event music override button to the option menu.Added outfits as a tag for achievement filtering under inventory requirements.Added weapon charms as a tag for achievement filtering under unlocks.Fixed an issue where the same string was used for the Infamy menu and the join stinger menu.PerformanceFixed a crash related to shield units that fire their gun as they die and after having dropped their shield.Improved performance when checking for equipped weapons in relation to damage dealt.VisualsUpdated the light in the main menu.Fixed a visual issue with the outline on the Boardroom Havoc outfit.Fixed a visual issue on various heists where secured loot bags would have a yellow outline.Fixed an issue where a selected throwable would revert back to the selected perk deck items upon starting the game.Fixed a small graphical issue on the Improved Combined Tactical Vest when equipped by Ethan.Update 215:GeneralFixed a crash related to launching the game while having an unavailable item equippedRemoved the ability to drop weapon skins from DLC that is no longer available for purchaseAffected Skins: Battle Zone, Chupacabra, Mansion MaulerFixed an issue that caused the flashbang sound to play multiple times in multiplayer gamesFixed an issue that prevented dead bodies from despawning for clients in loud if an NPC were killed in stealthFixed an issue where clients could get stuck trying to despawn a networked game unit controlled by the host causing them to be unable to despawn any game unitsImproved the code for disposal of corpses and dropped shieldsDropped shields are despawned independently from the corpse associated with itVisualsFixed a graphical issue when wearing The Skeletal Heister outfit and inspecting various weaponsFixed a graphical issue when wearing The Skeletal Heister outfit and inspecting the Deagle Pistol while certain gloves are equippedFixed some graphical issues with the loot bagsFixed a graphical issue on the Halloween masksUpdated the light in the main menuHeistsFixed a graphical issue on the Black Cat heist where the thermite would not have any outlineFixed an issue on the Black Cat heist where Xun Kang could leave the room while the objective to break the glass were still activeFixed an issue on the Green Bridge heist where the cop that interrupts the balloon wont stay by the balloon and soft locking the level until he is foundFixed an issue on the Black Cat where the waypoint to pick up your gear would disappear for all players when the first player had done the interactionFixed an issue on The Ukrainian Prisoner heist that caused triads and normal guards to attack one another when the level went loudFixed an issue on the Car Shop where a Titan camera was clipping with a wallWeaponsFixed an issue where the reload time stat disappeared if the weapon name was too longGrom Sniper RifleConcealment bonus of the Lightweight Stock increased from 2 to 3Peacemaker .45 RevolverDamage increased from 180 to 230Max Ammo decreased from 54 to 36Compact-5 Submachine GunDamage penalty of the Ninja Barrel has been removedAccuracy bonus of 4 has been added to the Ninja BarrelStability bonus of the Ninja Barrel has been decreased from 12 to 4Accuracy bonus of 12 has been added to the Polizei Tactical BarrelStability bonus of the Polizei Tactical Barrel has been decreased from 8 to 4Accuracy bonus of the Enlighted Foregrip has been increased from 4 to 8Stability bonus of the Enlighted Foregrip has been increased from 4 to 8Damage bonus of 10 has been added to the Straight MagazineStability bonus of the Straight Magazine has been removedStability penalty of -20 has been added to the Straight MagazineConcealment penalty of the Straight Magazine increased from -1 to -2Kross Vertex Submachine GunAccuracy bonus of the Precision Barrel increased from 8 to 16Concealment penalty of the Precision Barrel decreased from -4 to -3Update 214:ChangesNeil McAuley has renewed his driver's licenseChanged the objective flow in the Black Cat heist so that the vault extraction only gets triggered when all 4 C4 are placed on the wallChanged the objective flow in the Black Cat heist when using the Helicopter Drop pre-planning option, to guide the players to open the vault instead of extracting itFixed a visual issue with an NPC on the Black Cat heist that used a female model instead of a male oneFixed an issue with the Fire In The Hole achievement where incendiary grenades were not being counted towards itFixed an issue with the Mosconi 12G Tactical Shotgun where the red dot was misaligned when using the Solar SightImproved CharmsIncreased the max FPS limit of charms from 30 to 45Made some tweaks to how velocity is determinedCharms on Team AI and other players will be simulated if HQ Weapons has been turned onUpdate 213.1:ChangesDisabeling achievements while playing the eventFixing an issue where the "God mode" buff could be carried over to the normal game modeFixed a soft lock on the Birth of Sky heist if you are falling from the airplane without a parachute when the "god mode" buff activatesRemoved a prompt about if players what to play with mutators while playing the eventFixed a visual issue with the anniversary suit while charging the buzzer as SangresFixed a visual issue with the anniversary suit during the pistol inspection animationUpdate 213:GeneralFixed a crash that could occur when joining a lobby with a Molotov and a Bow equippedFixed a graphical issue in the menu screens when posing with the Akimbo Kng Arms Model 54Fixed an issue that caused the Marksman sight mod to be positioned incorrectly when equipped on the Bernetti 9Updated the charm located on the Akimbo Kobus 90 SMGs to avoid clipping with gadgetsFixed an issue with incorrect textures appearing on the green and yellow variants of the Cybertrench outfitFixed a translation issue in Japanese with the Master of Floatation achievement where the translation said "loot bag" instead of "body bag"HeistsFixed an issue on the Black Cat heist where the outline on the ink bomb would not turn off when the player is far awayFixed an issue on the Black Cat heist where a waypoint would get stuck if the C4 was planted during another objectiveFixed an animation issue on the Black Cat heist when interacting with the Inside ManFixed a graphical issue on the Black Cat heist related to some clothing on the floor in the Crew QuartersFixed an issue on the Dragon Heist where the First Response officers had incorrect headshot multipliersFixed collision an issue on the Bulucs Mansion heist where an archways collision did not match its visualsFixed collision an issue on the Brooklyn 10-10 heist where some deployables would sink into the floor by the roof accessFixed a graphical issue in the Safe House Raid that allowed the players to see through a section of the environmentFixed some internal lighting and shadows in the Jewelry Store heistFixed some collision issues on The Big Bank heist that caused NPCs to stutter when walking in the stairsFixed a minor graphical issue on The White House heist where the hinges of the doors in the oval office were not attached to the wallFixed a collision issue on the Mallcrasher heist that would stop a glass panel at the entrance from being breakableUpdate 212.1:Changes to the Black Cat HeistFixed a crash related to low effect quality when quitting the levelFixed a desync issue where Xun Kang would teleport to the balcony for clientsFixed an issue where Players were able to jump on top of the vaultBrightend up the area around the bar after the chandelier has come downFixed an issue where Li Deng can't be shouted down after having been affected by poisonFixed an issue where the "Master of floatation" achievement could be unlocked in loud using the helicopter escapeFixed an issue where the vault and winch audio kept playing after the vault had stoppedFixed an issue where the chandelier ropes would disappear if the player stands too closeFixed a visual issue where a misplaced shadow could be seen on the roof near the bathroomsFixed an issue where Hoxton was blocked as a potential teammate, this is also fixed for Ukrainian PrisonerFixed a visual issue where the "Crew Deck" sign was only visible when the player was standing directly underneathFixed a missing collision near the stairs leading up from the crew deckTweaked lighting and shadows in the levelFixed an issue where the waypoint would instantly appear for the mission equipment if the barman was in the courtyardTweaked the Triad members to make them easier to kill -P-R-E-S-E-N-T-S- PAYDAY 2: City of Gold Update 216 incl DLC (c) Starbreeze Publishing Release Date : 12/2021 Protection : Steam Discs : 1 Genre : Action For list of changes read included patchnotes.txt 1. Extract release 2. Run setup.exe 3. Install update 4. Copy crack from the PLAZA folder 5. Play! NOTES: Includes the following new DLC: > PAYDAY 2: Winter Ghosts Tailor Pack This patch requires: PAYDAY.2.City.of.Gold-PLAZA PAYDAY.2.City.of.Gold.Update.206.1-PLAZA PAYDAY.2.City.of.Gold.Update.208.incl.DLC-PLAZA PAYDAY.2.City.of.Gold.Update.211.incl.DLC-PLAZA PAYDAY.2.City.of.Gold.Update.212.incl.DLC-PLAZA General Notes: - Block the game's exe in your firewall to prevent the game from trying to go online .. - If you install games to your systemdrive, it may be necessary to run this game with admin privileges instead CODEX - STEAMPUNKS - CPY - SiMPLEX - ACTiVATED Coming soon...

payday 2 update 12 multiplayer crack fix


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