Updated: Apr 19

My Uncle and I were talking. He told me a young cousin had gotten into trouble After my Uncle and I had sat in silence thinking about my young cousin my Uncle said, "I hope he makes it." We were hoping together and it was like praying.

Where there is hope there is faith. With hope our words become spoken prayers. Jesus tells us to believe that we have received the things that we ask for in prayer and Heavenly Father will give them to us. (Mark 11:24) By Jesus' Power of the Holy Spirit hope can give us pictures in our minds of health, right-living, good outcomes-- for others and for ourselves. And these images are what we use to thank Jesus. We see prayer's outcomes.

Jesus tells us that God's blessings are already on the way to us. We believe them before we receive them. Trouble may come to the doorstep of your heart but you don't open the door. Use hope. When you live with hope in your heart, mind, and spirit you have discovered one of Jesus' most powerful blessing in your life. Hope's power allows you to stand firm in the conviction that God is already working on it.

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Rev. Patricia E. Walker


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