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Always Receiving and Giving Love

A practice deeply rooted in Scripture – giving with the Lord’s Love. Reminded of this yesterday, my cousins visited our home offering a small gift bag filled with caramel candy! Their loving smiles and laughter greeted us, hugs were exchanged, and hours of nonstop talk warmed our hearts with blessings.

This tradition of presenting a gift when visiting someone's home holds a special place in our hearts. It's a beautiful testament to the joy we find in witnessing their elation as they unwrap the unexpected. It's a moment when our arms open wide, and our hearts connect through the love of Christ, a time when the blessings of the Holy Spirit flow abundantly.

The words of the devoted disciple, James, resonate powerfully in these moments: "Every good gift comes from God" (James 1:17). Indeed, our thoughtful gestures are a reflection of His radiant light shining through us.

Consider these brief, inspirational messages as small gifts in themselves, drawing from the wellspring of Scripture. Our church, in its dedication to sharing the Gospel, offers sermon videos that are gifts to you, dear friend. Through these simple yet profound offerings, the Holy Spirit's blessings are bestowed upon you. We share faith, lovingly embracing you in the spirit of Christ, mirroring the generous ways of our Divine Gift Giver.

May you always be filled with the joy of giving and receiving, embodying the love and grace of our Lord.

With blessings in abundance, Rev. Walker


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