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Christ Can Use Each of Us

A former Governor in the U.S., Arthur B. Langlie, spoke about how we may appear to others. He said, "Some time ago, a great religious leader came to our State Capital to speak. He had a terrific reputation as an evangelist and his sponsors called on me to host him for dinner before he spoke that evening.

Of course I was delighted! The time came and I rushed home from my office with high expectations. I really wanted to meet this dynamic speaker who had made such a wonderful record for Christ! On arriving home I rushed through the entryway into the living room and was introduced to my guest.

Right before me was a gnome-like creature not over five feet tall who looked like something his mother would like to forget. My face must have registered my disappointment because he looked me in the eye and said, 'Governor, isn't it wonderful what Christ can use?' And so it was!"

Not many of us are going to captivate the world with our physical appearances. Yet Christ is not looking at appearances. Christ is looking for people who love Him and will tell others about His love and goodness. Christ can use us in marvelous ways!

Rev. Patricia E. Walker,


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