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Follow the path of our Lord's ministry through the pages of the Gospels and you'll find that His ministry was focused, not on social structures, but on individuals. He made it a point to stop and help individuals regardless of the need.

For example, in the Gospel of Luke we're told that one day Jesus and His disciples were pushing through a crowd to help an individual-- the daughter of Jairus. It was a life-or-death matter. Suddenly our Lord felt a touch on His garment. "Who was it that touched Me?" He asked.

The disciples, with a hint of irritation in their response, said, "Master, the crowd surrounds You and presses You and You ask, 'Who touched Me?'" (Luke 8:45) But Jesus continued to seek out that individual-- a woman who was suffering and in need of His healing power. In that moment, not another person seemed to matter to Him. Another time a blind beggar in Jericho cried out when Jesus was again surrounded by the crowd. We're told that for that one man Jesus stopped.

This is a powerful lesson for us, isn't it? Jesus, the Creator of the Universe, sees you and cares about you with love so intensely personal that He gave His life to demonstrate His commitment to save and lift you up. Because you are so loved Jesus says to go and love others likewise.

Caring for others is timely. In some areas of our world it's getting cold-- donations of blankets are needed in the shelters. There are those who are out of jobs and perhaps low on hope-- stay close to them and look out for their needs. Some persons are overwhelmed this time of year-- be a loving listener. You and I have much to give because much has been already given to us by Jesus Christ.


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