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There is One with all wisdom and understanding of everything that is going on in your life and surrounding you-- Christ Jesus. So each decision you make with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the very Presence of Christ, moves you forward within His purpose. No decision great or small is unimportant.

That you go to Him first to seek His wisdom and guidance is best. You will not fail when you follow His direction and instruction as to what decision to make. I had a man in my congregation who started out in High School with a company-- so this man began his career on the lowest rung of the company ladder. His Christian faith made the difference in his work and family life.

He had given his life to Christ Jesus at eight years old and stayed secure and growing in his faith by reading the Bible each evening, developing friendships with folks who also had firm faith in Christ, and he developed the habit of taking each decision to Jesus Christ first. His habit of Christ's guidance allowed him to excel at work and in his home until he was brought on-board as a Vice President of the company.

It was at this point that he realized the highest tension and pressures of his life. Falling into the temptation to let tension lead him he stopped taking his decisions to Christ first and foremost. He became inwardly nervous, doubted himself and others, and his decisions led to errors and mistakes within the company, so he was let go.

After a couple of months unemployed, it dawned on him that he was not opening his Bible each evening, he was not keeping in touch with his dearest friends, and most importantly he was not taking his decisions to Christ first. He fell on his knees at home, in his living room as asked Christ for forgiveness. And it was the low burning coal of the Holy Spirit's warmth that ignited faith's flame within him. Holy Spirit renewed his heart and his mind.

His faith habit of going to Christ with all decisions-to-be-made was reaffirmed by God and this stuck with him throughout the rest of his life. He was transformed by the renewing of his mind and heart. The Holy Spirit did that for him and will do that for you when you ask. Ask this in the Name of Christ Jesus and it will be given to you. Make it your habit to go to Christ Jesus first with every decision small or large, and He will help you.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God—what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2


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