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I Sought The Lord

I sought the Lord, and He answered me; and delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4

What are your fears? People deal with some basic fears such as claustrophobia-- fear of close places; hydrophobia-- fear of water; and agoraphobia-- fear of crowds. A brilliant thinker added a ridiculous suggestion to the list-- carnubasockalupa slipaphobis-- fear of being chased by a wolf around a freshly waxed floor in your socks! The list could go on and on. What special fears do you need to cope with?

Fear is a bully. It whispers in your ear in dark places, "I'll get you." It chases you around corners and pounces on you in dimly lit places. It quickens your pulse, puts a lump in your throat, ties your stomach in knots, confuses your thoughts and binds you with worry. Where do you go for help?

The Psalmist declared that he turned to the Lord and he received deliverance from all his fears. Have you done that? Perhaps you are fearful about your finances. Or you worry about your children. Does your concern for your job or your health eat away at you? Do you dread loneliness? Do you fear losing a loved one?

You need help from Someone stronger and wiser than you. Only Jesus can help. He has already defeated the bully on the block of life and promises to stand by your side to protect you always. Put your faith in Jesus right now and tell Him about the fear. Jesus answers, "Fear not, I am with you right now and always."

To God be the glory!

Rev. Patricia E. Walker,


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