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Mother Took Her Children To See A Real Turkey

During Fall Break from school a Mother took her children to see real turkeys.  “We are going to eat that turkey tomorrow?” the children asked.  Tears rolled down the 4 year old’s cheeks.  Sympathetic, Mother said, “Not to worry.  We are having chicken tomorrow and Jesus will help us to be thankful for His blessings in our lives.”  "Whew!" the 4 year old said.

Jesus found blessings from his Mother’s thankful heart too.  Jesus’ Mother taught her children the fulness of God’s Love for them.  Scripture says, ‘Jesus grew in wisdom and in years, and in Divine and human favor.’ (Luke 2:52)  Jesus was blessed with all of God’s favor as His thankful heart was openly shown to us.

Just as for Jesus, a warmed heart fills with thanksgiving to God and listening for Divine direction and understanding.  We are so very grateful for God giving us Savior Jesus.  For as we live with grateful hearts we unite as one in Jesus’ love, God’s care, and Holy Spirit’s favor.  Let us pause and give thanks for the many blessings found in our family in Christ Jesus.


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