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Loss can seek to overwhelm us but there is One who blocks despair for us. We may not realize, be thankful for, not acknowledge that Christ has protected us yet that does not matter to Him What matters is our hearts are stilled in His love for us. Christ secures us in His Peace.

A friend in her nineties describes a day she had slowly arisen from her easy chair and heard the loud sound of four men cracking her back door open and entering her home. She marveled that she stood stock still in His Peace. A neighbor had seen them enter and in her bare feet ran yelling toward them and they fled. My friend's neighbor found her still standing firmly in His Peace, unafraid.

The Peace of God defies our understanding. Christ gives it to us and it is linked somehow with Hope. When I rang my sister yesterday for a video-chat she answered and I saw her new completely bald head. "You look beautiful," I said. She did. His Peace blesses our hearts with truth-- cancer does not have victory, ever.

His Love has victory in us and in this world.

Christ's Peace determines that you face forward with Hope. When your heart is fixed on Christ rather than conflicts, looming responsibilities, and irrational personal battles, then fixed you stay in Christ. Christ gives you Peace.

Should your heart ever be troubled or afraid then ask Jesus; take His Peace. Lift up your heart to the Lord. It is your right and joyful thing to do.

I leave you Peace, My Peace I give you, I do not give it to you as the world does. So don't let your hearts be troubled or afraid. John 14:27


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