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Someone Curious About Your Faith

Some of us hold off on sharing our faith because we think that we do not know enough. Yet, if someone is truly curious about your faith then they'll be patient with you as you respond with heartfelt openness and kindness toward them. Also, Holy Spirit helps us when we feel like we do not have the right words-- assuring us that faith sharing is unique to each Christian.

Notice that when someone else is curious about your beliefs that that is the beginning of their transformation by Christ. Look at Zacchaeus for a great example of this transformation. He is truly curious about why the people are congregating around Jesus, so he climbs a tree so he can see Him. Smart. And this tough tax collector was very wealthy, and quite hated.

Jesus is curious about Zacchaeus and invites Himself to his home. The crowd is irritated that Jesus does this. Jesus spends the day with this chief tax collector. And when Jesus leaves, Zacchaeus is a changed man. Curiosity rewarded! This tax collector's values, priorities, and destiny are changed because of his time with Jesus.

By nightfall Zacchaeus has given away most of his wealth and has become a witness. He's Jesus people now. So then, should you encounter someone who is curious then it is time to tell them about Zacchaeus climbing up a sycamore tree and being host to God's Son. Then, see what happens and tell us about it, email

Luke 19:1-10, Zacchaeus.

What joy to talk about witnessing. Blessings, Rev. Walker


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