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Spirit Of America

America lost a great deal on 9/11 2001 yet the fervor and spirit of our country continues to strengthen. Sunday was Rosh Hashanah-- the Jewish New Year celebrating renewal and hope. Our hope stems from God's abundant love that continues to move in and through us in Jesus Christ.

Here's the prayer which I gave to the Albuquerque Mayor on 9/11 for use as he spoke before the city in 2001 about the tragedy of losing 2996 dear ones that day: Lord Almighty, we pray Your Abiding Presence that has led our country down through the ages consoles us in our sorrow and sadness. As smoke fills the nostrils of the Statue of Liberty, manage our rage. Direct us as a country to make choices that are derived from Your Wisdom. We pray that as a country we will be strongly united to protect and clear minded to act as Godly people of faith. We pray You'd be with the survivors, rescuers, and families affected by these terrorist attacks. Bless us with your healing comfort and care. We are grateful that You are guiding and directing President Bush and the leaders of our country during these trying days. As America has been changed forever by these terrorist events we affirm together that we find our security in You Lord. In Jesus' Name we pray, Amen.


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