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Strange Signs and Omens

In the early 1800's the people of Reading, England, were deeply disturbed when suddenly there began appearing "strange signs and omens" on their loaves of bread. Some loaves had imprinted on their bottom a picture of the skull and crossbones; others said, "Rest in Peace" or "Died on Christmas Day."

The townspeople feared it was some terrible divine warning of impending judgment. The local constable decided to have a talk with the baker. At last the old man confessed. The baker had needed new stones for the floor of his huge oven, but couldn't afford to buy any, so he had stolen the largest, flattest ones he could find from the local graveyard!

The news of this spread swiftly throughout the town and they laughed for weeks!!

Laughter is the beginning of joy and our joy is from the Lord. Jesus laughed more than anyone who has ever lived. He had contagious laughter, belly laughter, and laughter that could change depression into joy. Even in the most serious of times a little laughter can lift us into new perspective and clear the air.

May your days be filled with laughter and hope as your Savior Jesus shares this.

May the God of hope bring you such Joy and Peace in your faith that the Power of the Holy Spirit will remove all bounds to hope. Romans 15:13


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