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The Car Wash

The Saturday car wash was for the Choir expenses and a trip. They had positioned three sign-holders strategically with signs reading, “Car Wash For Choir Trip.” To the choir’s delight, a steady flow of cars came through for two hours. Then suddenly it poured down rain!

Undeterred, they changed the signs, wrapped plastic wrap on them, and retook positions at the street corners with new signs that read, “We Wash, God Rinses!” Those new signs had an arrow pointing skyward. They were successful!

Like the Choir, affirm that God is your Helper no matter what Nature gives you, and even with someone saying, “No, it’s not going to work out for you,” and although it takes longer than you expect… hold up your sign pointing up! Lest others forget, God is in control. And His Son Jesus Christ blesses those who stand for Him.

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! Philippians 4:13

“…but whoever denies Me before others will be denied before the angels of God.” Luke 12


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