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The Joy In Jesus

Why in the world is Worship so very important? That's a great question. We love Worship because it changes our perspective on life. We can focus once again on things like forgiveness, goodness, kindness, and Jesus' love and acceptance for us all. Then, after Worship, we're more upbeat and joyful. More like Jesus.

Jesus was not somber and severe. If He had been then children would not have loved Him so very much. If Jesus had been sad and sullen then the crowds would not have followed Him everywhere He went. If Jesus had been cynical and sorrowful then people would not have posed the questions to Him, like-- what are the the real keys to living?

Joy was Jesus' middle Name. He was radiant. His faith was joyful and confident-- so much so that it was attractive, and people flocked to Him because they wanted what He had. Jesus has given us the most joyous idea of God that has even been imagined. God loves us like children. God is a gracious and merciful Parent. And Jesus' joy was rooted in a sense of mission and partnership with God.

To get close to Jesus is to be filled with who Jesus is. We get close to Jesus through Worship. At we Worship on a continual basis around the world and He transforms us to be more like Him. Come Worship now.

Rev. Patricia E. Walker, your Pastor


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