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The Mosquito That Broke Up Church

My Grandfather was an Oklahoma Methodist Preacher back when there was no air-conditioning in Churches. That particular Sunday morning Worship began with a procession down the middle aisle with the choir singing, "Holy, Holy, Holy" with words from the book of Revelation. It was a glorious start!

The windows and doors were open, women were fanning themselves, and it was already a scorcher of a day. As Grandfather Palmer preached, the choir behind him watched as a large mosquito flew over and landed on his bald head! Springing into action, my Grandmother quickly arose from the choir loft, took three steps forward and wacked Grandfather hard on the head with the Methodist Hymnal!!

The sound was loud. The mosquito was dead. And Grandfather looked stunned asking himself, "What just happened?" The congregation that filled the Church began to laugh and then everyone was belly laughing including Grandpa. Some had tears running down their faces they laughed so hard. They all laughed long and so hard that they never got Worship started up again!!

The mosquito event has been talked about for years and years. Like the Psalmist, Grandfather told Grandmother: You have put more joy in my heart than they have when their grain and wine abound. (Psalm 4:7 English Standard Version) Grandfather had hundreds of Scriptures memorized and could pull them right out of the air when needed but no one in his Church was known to drink or cuss, they were just good hearted folks.

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