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Updated: Nov 17, 2019

When you need a bit of Scripture to read turn to John 14. There Jesus gives you so much insight into your path in life. He is the Way to follow and when you come to a junction with different choices then turn to John 14 and it will help you.

A woman told me about an unexpected time when she and her Mother shared John 14. This woman had been hospitalized after a car accident and had had nine bones broken. The doctor said she should go into a rehabilitation center and yet she and her husband could not afford the extra care.

Home now, propped up with pillows looking out the front window of her home she said goodbye to her husband while he went off to his regular job. After he was gone the house was silent. She opened her Bible to John 14 and all of His Words comforted her, assured her, and led her to trust Him more. Especially, “I will not leave you orphaned; I am coming to you." (14:18) And as she looked up she saw her mother coming through the knee deep snow toward her house.

She prayed with all her might that her Mother would not slip and fall,"'If in My name you ask me for anything, I will do it." (14:14) When her Mother came in the front door with the key she'd given her and took off her hiking shoes they exchanged big smiles. The sun came out of the clouds and the small living room lit up. Mother went in to borrow a pair of her slippers and went into the kitchen to make tea and toast for both of them.

Mother sat down in the chair near her and her first words were, "I just finished reading John 14." This is what had led Mother to make a path to her home which she would often use. For you see each time we read John 14 we then use it. This is what Jesus means for us to do. Use His Words, put them into action, and do what He needs for you to do. He is our awesome Savior and Lord.


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