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Why Did God Do It?

With an international Church online, the question is frequently asked, "Why did God do it?" Why send His only Son to us as a baby, later allow Him to go through the suffering and agony of the Cross, and then after three days Raise His from the dead like that?

A father with sons asks this question. He loves each unique son dearly and his passion in life is to guide and protect his sons. Safety is one of his main concerns. He tells me that he did not bring sons into the world to intentionally have them die a cruel death, but rather hope that their last breaths will be at home and surrounded by loving family. Why did God do it?

The answer is found in one of the greatest Bible passages: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life." (John 3:16) Look closer and you will find that these are Jesus' words. He is speaking to a highly spiritual man who comes to him in the middle of the night to ask questions in private with Jesus. And we have the full record of that! Perhaps the man's questions to Jesus are our questions too.

Jesus is God's Son and His answers are worth more than gold to us. Jesus says that God has a love that is so great that we cannot fathom a love like that. That same love is in Jesus too. God's love is for each and every person of the world and because of God's love giving is His nature, His core, His intent. God gives us His Son, the Light of the World, to save us. Does everyone need saving? Yes.

We fail to act, think, love, and give as God intended when He made us. We frequently do not stay in right relationship with God and thus we need the New Birth (explained by Jesus in John 3). We need a direct secure solid connection with God and thus Jesus dies in our places for our sins and unworthiness so that we receive eternal life, abundant life, and are filled with God's type of love. Jesus does this for us willingly. He loves His Father and His Father loves Him. Jesus loves us like Heavenly Father loves us.

And we're so grateful Jesus died for us that we just cannot do enough for Him, tell enough others about Jesus and bring them to Him, and talk with Jesus enough as we speak hope and healing for others-- simply because we are filled to the brim with the same love Jesus has. God has done it in Jesus Christ for us and we are so very very grateful and thankful. And this answer is also the 'Why' behind our celebration of Christmas, Sundays, Pentecost, and why we awaken each and every morning and say The Lord's Prayer.


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