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Before His Conversion To Christ

Before his conversion to Christ, the Apostle Paul understood the significant influence he had on others as an extroverted Pharisee. When he became a Christian, preaching the Resurrection to the Thessalonians, he experienced the profound impact of the Holy Spirit’s anointing on his words and the power of his enthusiastic presence among those new to Christianity (initially known as The Way).

In Paul's letter to the Thessalonians, he expresses his inability to visit them due to being previously asked to leave their community. Despite this, he entrusted the Good News to the new believers. Paul had planted a church in Thessalonica in A.D. 49. His preaching of Christ Resurrected was well received by many in the new congregation, but there were influential individuals who rejected his message, leading to his departure.

Paul writes to the Thessalonians with confidence, assured by the Lord that his words and initial visit had taken root and flourished. Later, he sends Timothy to check on them, and Timothy returns with an inspiring report that the believers are standing firm and continue to spread the Gospel.

This illustrates that the seeds we plant with the message of Christ’s power and love are nurtured by Christ Himself in the most glorious ways. Your words and visits, offering hope in Christ and sharing His love with those who are ill, lonely, anxious, or burdened, plant seeds of faith. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Christ causes these seeds to flourish.

Blessings my friend, Rev. Patricia E. Walker







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