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Dad's Endurance Is Blessed!

You have the call of God placed upon your life! Three areas of call: raising children to love Jesus, your professional life, and your marriage. Within these three areas of life your endurance is blessed!

We find these in this Dad's life: Never having had to give so much time to his physical health, a Minister went through a couple of years of medical treatment for his cancer and then just-like-that his cancer was gone. Didn't return! Christ's healing touch came quietly and powerfully to this Dad. He thought his wellness had something to do with faith's endurance.

Afterwards something great occurred! His daughter took his hand to lovingly hold. Then she says to him, "You've still got it Dad! It's irrevocable." He knew right then and there that her reference was to Romans 11:29: 'For God's gifts and His call are irrevocable.' His enthusiasm came back! He's re-energized! The truth is that Dads say that they'll slow down, or maybe retire, but God's plan continues. Endurance is blessed.


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