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My Dad worked hard for his family and yet he never missed an event where we kids had our concerts, performances, school presentations, or school/scout programs. He cherished seeing what we could do and say. When we'd talk with him at home he'd focus his complete attention on listening to us. We knew we were loved.

Dad wanted us to know about his work and would often take us to his printing plant on the weekends and show us what he did and introduce us to what other's did at the plant. His darkroom for developing photography and lithography was fascinating. I also enjoyed sitting at the guy's desk who did animating, the old fashioned way, to use in business advertising.

One day we were on the way home from his office and my sister asked Dad, "How did God make the mountains?" Dad paused to think then said, "God's ways are higher than our ways. (Isaiah 55:9) It would take you and I a long time to make a mountain, wouldn't it? And yet God made all the mountain quickly; in one day." As kids we understood. God has unlimited great power.

Our God is an awesome God. Not only are His ways higher than our ways but we know we are loved. He gives us Jesus so we may know God personally and have a link directly to Him. When Jesus was out on the boat with His disciples a furious storm came up suddenly. (Matthew 8:23-27) Jesus was asleep when the storm came and they awakened Him. Jesus rebukes the wind and the waves so that there was complete calm.

Jesus calmed the storm because the disciples were afraid. Jesus has God power, higher ways. He not only shows us Heavenly Father's strength but He also gives us spiritual insight for His caring and compassion for each of us. Jesus cherishes you, loving what you do and say. He wants you to know that your Heavenly Father cares about you, is with you every moment, and will take action for you.

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