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Forgiveness From Your Heart

"This is how My Heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart” (Matthew 18:35).

Our Lord and Savior wisely insists on the forgiveness of your brother or sister in Christ. Notice that Jesus emphasizes forgiving them from your heart and loving them with Christian love once again. While it is important to talk one-on-one with your brother or sister, the bottom line is to offer a deeply truthful forgiveness.

Take time to read Matthew 18:23-35 and reflect on Jesus’ powerful story of forgiveness and unforgiveness. The core message of His story is that showing mercy to others is essential. The man in the story who failed to forgive others, despite receiving forgiveness himself, missed his opportunity to extend mercy to a family in desperate need. He received mercy but refused to pass it on.

To be a full participant in God’s Kingdom, you are called to be genuinely forgiving. Allow the Holy Spirit to help you recognize opportunities to offer sincere forgiveness. Reflect on these questions: When do I have an opportunity to extend merciful forgiveness? Who around me needs forgiveness? What can I do to offer forgiveness that leads to merciful actions in the Name of Jesus Christ?

Read Matthew 18:23-35.

In His Service,

Rev. Patricia E. Walker,



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