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Good Idea!

... be wise in what is good and guileless in what is evil. Romans 16:19

Several years ago an expensive laboratory jet was approaching Edwards Air Force Base in California. When the pilot tried to lower the nose gear to landing position, it did not respond!

The co-pilot ran a quick check and traced the problem to a faulty relay panel. Recognizing the problem, he hunted around for something to bypass the relay and activate the nose gear.

He found a paper clip and bent it so that it bypassed the problem and triggered the nose gear. It worked, saving the expensive jet from crash landing!

At that moment, for that special job, the lowly paper clip was more important than the rest of the sophisticated equipment on the plane.

The idea to use the small paperclip popped into the co-pilot's mind. Similarly, our Lord may give you a unique thought to aid your relay of His help for someone else.

Use what you have at hand as Jesus directs you.


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