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Holy Week-- Saturday

Luke 18:26-27, Luke 23:46-56

After Jesus breathed His last breath the centurion saw what had taken place, he Praised God and said, "Certainly this Man was innocent." Although there is sadness at Jesus' death there is a lot more 'Praise God!" for He had told them who He is, what He would do, and why He would do it. The Son Of God glorified His Heavenly Father all the way unto His last breath here on earth.

Our Savior Jesus dies on the Cross to take away the sins of the world-- While on the Cross He takes all of our sins upon Him and dies with those so that we who believe in Him do not have sin's stains on our souls. Jesus has the willingness to cleanse us, make us right in Him, and give us Holy Spirit.

God's Grand Plan is for Jesus to show and tell us all that He can about Heavenly Father, die on the Cross, lay in the grave for three days, and on the third day be Resurrected. Those that watch Him die are now be expectant-- expecting His Resurrection and New Life.

Luke says that Joseph of Arimathea takes down Jesus' body after death, wraps His body in a linen cloth, and lays His body in a rock-hewn tomb that has never been used before. His body, blood, and bones are Holy to us and yet they will vanish on Resurrection Sunday. And we know this today. In the darkness of the tomb, His Light of Love/Peace/Mercy/Justice are making a Way where there is no way. No tomb of death holds our Savior Jesus; He is Life. He is our Life.


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