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I Dreamed

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

There was a time when God used dreams as a means of revelation. That was certainly true in Joseph's life. Joseph was God's dreamer. As a young man, Joseph dreamed twice about the way his family would someday serve and honor him.

In one dream, Joseph and his brothers were binding sheaves together in a field. Joseph's sheaf rose up and stood upright, while the sheaves of his brothers all bowed down around his sheaf. In his second dream, he saw the sun, moon and eleven stars all bow down before him. Clearly, those dreams were predictions of Joseph's coming greatness in understanding dreams for other persons. The dreams that Joseph experienced focused on the future. They spoke of things yet to happen.

Today, the science of psychology pays attention to our dreams, yet traditional psychologists value dreams for what they reveal in a person's past. Biblical dreams are not about the past, they're prophecies of the future. God cares more about what we will be than about what we have been. God's intentions for us are alert and innovative. We are living our best future in God's gracious care today, and each day.

Joseph said to his brothers: "Listen to this dream that I dreamed. ..." Genesis 37:6

Rev. Patricia E. Walker,

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