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Jesus Brain

Jesus was a man acquainted with sorrows and grief and yet His Message is of renewal! We find new life in Him. (John 3:16) He shows us new perspectives. He sends us into a new direction, blessing us with His Grace.

Jesus teaches you that no matter what you are right now, life can be infinitely better. Spending time talking with Him and listening to Him speak to you may reenergize you for living. Gather people around you who love Him and will go the second mile for you. His love may mend you.

Spiritual thinking is your greatest advantage. Have Jesus Brain. Jesus has walked on water, multiplied little food into enormity, He helped people correct coping thoughts so they claim spiritual victories, He healed the man blind from birth, He resurrected Lazarus from four days in the grave, and He has breathed Holy Spirit into you. These and more, He has done.

And what He has done for others He will do for you, and more. The grave couldn't hold Him and it will not hold you, because of Him. Eternal life is His Promise. He is the resurrection and life. (John 11:25) The best is yet to come!


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