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Jesus Gives Us Love

Jesus has healed the demoniac so he is in his right mind, headed a woman who has had hemorrhages for twelve years, restored a sick-near-death little girl to life and wellness, He' teaches about how to live, pray, and instructs us on many repeatable things. He's teaching them and us to witness for Him. Then He sends them out in pairs.

While they are away from Him doing what He taught them to do (call others to repentance and salvation in Jesus, and extend Jesus' healing to others) news comes to Him. He is deeply saddened by the news of John the Baptist's murder by Herod. When the disciples return and tell Him what they have done for the Kingdom Of God, He breaks the news to them of John's death and then He tells them to come away to a deserted place to sorrow and receive comfort and be taught.

They travel by foot and Jesus goes by boat to the deserted place. Arriving there, Jesus sees it is not deserted but filled up! He looks out at the five thousand men plus women and children (scholars have estimated there were twenty to twenty-five thousand people) and our Jesus is filled with compassion! He loves each one of them and He loves us.

Out of His love He fills them with spiritual food (hearts filled to overflowing) and fills their bellies with fish and bread (from the young boy's offering his lunch for Jesus purpose-- five loaves and two fish blessed and multiplied by Jesus to feed them all). He is our healer, compassionate Savior, and He loves us-- we are so grateful to Him for showing us perfect love. Now we know how to do love best, like Him.


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