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Jesus Is God's Open Secret

For the longest time explorers sought to understand the multitude of different languages and to communicate/understand other cultures. With the discovery of the Rosetta stone archaeologists found the way to interpret hieroglyphics. Rosetta stone led to our understanding of tribes, founders, and communities entirely different from ourselves. Cultural and ancestral differences became revealed and intrigue heightened!

In the same way Jesus is the Rosetta stone of creation revealed, hidden purpose defined for each one of us, and God's beloved Son given to us is God's open secret. God and Jesus began this world of ours. The holy newborn cry delighted and amazed, "Look Who God has given to us to know Him!" And within heart warmed love for Jesus our purposes connect us. His Cross puts us off grid with worldly stuff to be intertwined with very Holy Him.

Our Savior's agonizing cry from the Cross, "It is finished!!" last words from the Cross. His open secret, His last Resurrected words are "I will return." And between His birth in Bethlehem and His death at Calvary we are fed spiritually like people have never been fed by God before! Glory to God we are His Christians. And we can do no other than to live for Him and bring others to Him.


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