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On Path With Jesus

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths.Psalm 25:4

When you are on path with Jesus you'll find that Jesus shows you the right path to take, the correct choices to make, and the path ahead will be cleared for you to humbly travel on with confidence in Jesus. And our Lord may have you forge a new path for others to come after you so that it is now an open way for other Christians to travel.

Your Church, Alpha Church, is a path maker. Twenty years ago there was nothing on the internet for Christians to receive a sermon message, to get on a list for prayer requests, and there was not a Christian Chat room. As our Lord as directed us, Alpha Church has been your Church online offering ways to Christians to receive Biblical based inspiration . As Alpha Church grew there were Baptisms, first-time salvation commitments, and for some physically challenged folks Alpha Church was a way get to Church community.

The Lord made a path through the years for Christians and paths in which others traveled using Alpha Church as their template for other online Churches. We've been rejoicing in the paths our Lord has used your Church!

Jesus may lead you down a path on which another Christian has forged or He may powerfully call you to do something new. Each of us serve our Lord Christ who gave His very life that the path to God is opened through Him!

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