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Speaking Well Of Them

In a large church, the congregation criticized their Pastor for having a harsh and uncaring spirit. Then, someone noticed that the tone quality of the public address system in the church building sounded bright and shrill. The sound technician made some adjustments to the system, and the Pastor’s voice became more mellow and pleasing. Over the next several weeks, the congregation’s perception of their Pastor's attitude changed and became much more positive. The technician’s job was to make the Pastor sound good, and it made a significant difference.

We have a similar opportunity in our lives. Heavenly Father instructs us to honor one another above ourselves (Romans 12:10). In other words, we are to help others step into the spotlight. Our responsibility is to make others look and sound good, to assist them in any way we can, and by doing so, we honor them.

Musicians who accompany a soloist enable the soloist to sound good. The flight crew supports the pilot to ensure a safe journey. We can honor others by serving them, encouraging them, and speaking well of them. When we do this, we ultimately honor our Heavenly Father.



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