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The Good

John 2:9b-10

Attending the wedding in Cana with His mother, she initiates Jesus' first miracle. Jesus turns the six 30 gallon urns of water into extraordinary wine. A miracle has powerful meaning for us.

Humble servants get the ordinary water at His instruction and He turns it all into fine wine. They are first witnesses. This has never happened! This is a wonderful moment!! The wine host, tasting this batch of wine, says to the unaware-of-the-miracle bridegroom, “Everyone serves the good wine first, and then the inferior wine after the guests have become drunk. But you have kept the good wine until now.” (John 2:9b-10)

Jesus does not offer mediocre. His mother and His Heavenly Father have it ingrained within Him-- give the very best that He has to give to others and continue to give the very best until you are done giving. Listen, this is good stuff!

  • Set the bar high for your giving quotient. For your greatest need is for Jesus to turn your life into His fine wine of steadfast usefulness to others. Jesus' followers are the givers-- giving of our very best from beginning and through to the finish.

We may not be super-givers of our greatest best unless we accept Jesus' help. Jesus has given us Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit motivates us to be better than we have to be. Holy Spirit transforms us to become the best we can be daily.

And here is the thing. The wedding wine taster thinks that bridegroom has saved the great wine for last (not normally done at weddings). Would that we could glimpse the look on his face when he discovers Jesus' action, His very best. Jesus is doing something new, never done before. Jesus is the Holy New Groom. He is the Host. His bride the Church-- we love, serve, and adore Him.

The very best is given to us by Jesus each and every day. This is how we know what very best is about. So when we imitate what Jesus does for us and we give His best to others then we are being useful for Christ as we live with quiet quality. And lastly as relates, what about what Jesus later says, "Do not cast your pearls before swine." (Matthew 7:6) The truth is, swine lay upon treasures without remorse. So treasure that which is Holy. Jesus' best.


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