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The Small Infant

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Throughout the year the Nativity beautifully sits on her bookshelf. There's history within the view of baby Jesus in the manger. The figurine infant is humble, with His hands outstretched, you to shelter Him or gently transfer this Babe into the welcoming embrace of His mother, Mary.

It was during that same year wh mother, amidst her schooling to become a registered nurse, received this Nativity set as a gift. One evening, as we gathered around for dinner and father had said grace, a surprising question escaped from mother. "Guess what happened to me today?" This question intrigued us.

I paused in passing the food dish, captivated by the excitement in mother. We all began to speculate about what remarkable event that had occurred at the hospital. "No, none of you have guessed it!" she laughed. "I was on labor and delivery floor, and they sent me to first floor to admit a woman in labor. Then in the elevator, she on a gurney, she exclaimed, 'The baby is out! Help!!' I reach, and in that second, caught the baby as he made his entrance into the world!"

Continuing the story, "As soon as the elevator doors opened on my floor, I urgently called for assistance, and the nurses rushed to our aid." We cherished this incredible moment with our mother! The infant cried, as all newborns do, for that cry is how their lungs inflate with air for the very first breath.

Scripture tells us that Joseph was present with Mary during Jesus's birth. This wondrous event of His arrival gives us pause, as the small infant Jesus extends His arms to each of us, inviting us to hold Him and treasure God's precious gift. Then, in turn, we are called to place Him in the arms of waiting children, who lovingly and adoringly embrace.

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