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...truly our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ.  We are writing these things so that our joy may be complete. 1 John 1:3b-4

When you're too busy and stressed then that's the warning whistle. First try to schedule everything in one book and then set a time early evening to stop doing and relax. Open your Bible to 1 John and read, underlining passages which speak to you. All the John books are excellent lifters.

Remember that Holy Spirit is an attitude changer. Spend time in Spirit's Presence and you'll be smiling. Things will fall back into place again in your life when you take time to experience Jesus Christ's love. Keep a notebook or some blank sheets of paper near you to make notes on what God is telling you.

In the early evening, when you stop doing, you allow your heart to be filled with the joy of your life in Christ Jesus. His compassionate caring is genuine. He is the One to lead you beside still waters and restore your soul. (Psalm 23) Praise God; Jesus has given His life on the Cross in order to spend His time together with you in His living Presence.

To God be the Glory! Rev Patricia E. Walker,


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