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into forgiveness--

Our Lord,

forgive us

as we forgive



Matthew 6:12

Your Great Life
Jesus Christ
blessed Savior!

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Perhaps the most powerful part of our Lord's Prayer is when we say, "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive

those who trespass against us."


We are asking Heavenly Father to forgive our sins as we forgive the sins of others!  Jesus knows that each day we will need the mindset to forgive.  Start each day with His prayer and you will build up your readiness to be merciful to others and forgive them-- even the things that are tough to forgive.

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Alpha Church is a fully online Christian global Church in Tulsa, OK.

Our Worship Services involve people of every age, race, and ability. Because Worship is online here at Alpha Church, you need not sacrifice time with the Lord Jesus Christ for your other responsibilities of work, family, and organizational responsibilities. You may Worship twenty-four/seven. Take Holy Communion and Worship with other people like you who are growing in their faith and understanding of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Our service of Holy Communion provides you with a regular opportunity to commune with the holiness of the Lord.

Our Christian Bible Studies, Christian book discussions, and Christ-centered prayer groups join you with other heartfelt believers in faith in Jesus. If you are a new Christian, we have video bits that help you to know what to do next in your faith journey, just go to the Worship page and click in the Services section. 

We have found that persons with Autism are specially infused with Christ's Presence when Worshipping here at Alpha Church and because of the unique visually active means with which our Worship Services are delivered. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter, and with that subscription, you will receive a blog notice posting that is inspirational and uplifting. You may find our Pastor, Rev. Patricia E. Walker, on Facebook by searching for 'Patricia E. Walker.' Also, become a follower of our Wix Blog, too. An offering or tithe may be given through PayPal, and we appreciate your inclusion of Alpha Church in your prayers.


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