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Singamagan Tamil Movie Free Downloadk

Singa Magan: A Romantic Action Movie

Singa Magan is a Tamil dubbed movie that was released in 2022. It is a remake of the Telugu blockbuster Varsham, which came out in 2004. The movie features Prabhas, Gopichand and Trisha in the lead roles, and is directed by Sobhan. The movie is a romantic action drama that revolves around the love story of Venkat (Prabhas) and Sailaja (Trisha), who face many obstacles from their families and a ruthless villain Ranga Rao (Gopichand).

Singamagan Tamil Movie Free Downloadk

Plot Summary

The movie begins with Venkat, a young man who works as a mechanic, saving Sailaja from a group of thugs who try to kidnap her. He falls in love with her at first sight, and follows her to her college. He impresses her with his bravery and kindness, and they soon become friends. However, Sailaja's father (Nassar) is a wealthy businessman who wants to marry her off to his friend's son. He does not approve of Venkat, and tries to separate them.

Meanwhile, Ranga Rao, a cruel and ambitious man who wants to become a politician, sets his eyes on Sailaja. He learns that she is the daughter of his rival, who had humiliated him in the past. He decides to take revenge by kidnapping Sailaja and forcing her to marry him. He hires a gang of goons to execute his plan, but Venkat foils his attempts every time. Ranga Rao becomes obsessed with Sailaja, and vows to kill Venkat and anyone who comes in his way.

The movie reaches a climax when Ranga Rao kidnaps Sailaja and takes her to his farmhouse. Venkat follows them with the help of his friends, and engages in a fierce fight with Ranga Rao and his men. He manages to rescue Sailaja, but gets injured in the process. Sailaja confesses her love for him, and they embrace each other. Ranga Rao tries to shoot them, but is killed by Venkat's friend. The movie ends with Venkat and Sailaja getting married with the blessings of their families.

Cast and Crew




Ranga RaoGopichand

Sailaja's fatherNassar

Venkat's friendAli


ProducerM.S. Raju

Music DirectorDevi Sri Prasad

CinematographerS.Gopal Reddy

EditorK.V.Krishna Reddy

Reviews and Ratings

Singa Magan received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The movie was praised for its engaging story, thrilling action sequences, melodious songs and impressive performances by the lead actors. The movie was also a commercial success, grossing over Rs. 50 crore at the box office. The movie was rated 3.5 out of 5 by ETimes, 4 out of 5 by IndiaGlitz, and 8 out of 10 by IMDb. The movie also won several awards, including the Filmfare Award for Best Actor (Telugu) for Prabhas, the Nandi Award for Best Villain for Gopichand, and the Santosham Film Award for Best Music Director for Devi Sri Prasad.

Trailer and Songs

You can watch the trailer of Singa Magan here: [Singa Magan Tamil Trailer]. The movie has six songs composed by Devi Sri Prasad, which are sung by various artists like S.P.Balasubrahmanyam, Chitra, Karthik, Tippu, Sumangali and Malathi. The songs are as follows:

  • Nee Thodu Kavali - S.P.Balasubrahmanyam and Chitra

  • Ennai Thedi - Karthik and Sumangali

  • Oru Thuli - Tippu and Malathi

  • Thiruda Thiruda - Tippu and Sumangali

  • Ennai Paar - Karthik and Sumangali

  • Singa Magan - Devi Sri Prasad

You can listen to the songs of Singa Magan here: [Singa Magan Tamil Songs].


Singa Magan is a movie that will appeal to fans of romance, action and drama. It is a well-made remake of the Telugu hit Varsham, which showcases the talent and charisma of Prabhas, Gopichand and Trisha. The movie has a gripping plot, stunning visuals, catchy music and memorable dialogues. It is a movie that you can watch with your family and friends, and enjoy the thrill and emotion of Singa Magan.


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