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on the other side of the spectrum, used-car sales are surging. the share of used cars sold by the major automakers in the us rose to nearly 30 percent in september, from 22 percent a year earlier. that's the highest share in more than six years.

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on several occasions and numerous times over the past two months, i've personally asked the mayor if this is accurate and what he intends to do about it. he's always replied the same way: he does not use crack cocaine and has never done so.

ford faces a battle for his political soul. with less than a month to go before the election, he has been besieged by calls for him to quit from well-known politicians, such as former liberal prime minister paul martin, and senior conservative figure john tory. but he doesn't think he can afford to retire. "i'm not going to be a quitter," ford said. "this city can't afford to lose me right now. he simply wouldn't be mayor anymore," ford said of tory.

ford, who recently left several channels of tv commentary, came to city hall to ask for a new job. he said he wants to stay in politics, but added that he may not run again. he said he is not interested in returning to television.

he said he is looking for a "creative" job or "a different type of entertainment role." he did not elaborate. the image circulating on the internet is taken from a video of a man sitting in a chair in a parkdale basement. the man is puffed out and slurring his speech while puffing what appears to be a cigarette. ford has been interviewed in the past about his smoking of recreational drugs, which he confessed to in an interview with total television. he said at the time he was smoking "weed."


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