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Photoshop Cs6 Dutch Language Pack 30 'LINK'

When i tried to change the language to dutch using this method, my InDesign CS6 changed to a trial version! When I tried english it even wanted to change to Indesign CC. Both times I had to log in to my adobe account again. Could it be that this only works with subscriptions?

photoshop cs6 dutch language pack 30

But, at the top of the main forum page there is a link titled "Updating to Photoshop CC (Frequently Asked Questions)" ... and at the "Additional Questions" section of this page, there is a link "How do I install multiple language versions of an app?" The video on this page says that we can use multiple UI language as mentioned by PECoutejoie (by quickly installing the second language pack on the firstly installed application).

You can install another language as described in the video, but the installer downloads a and installs a full version and not just a language pack. Photoshop is the only app from the core apps where you can change the UI language in the settings. It doesn't work in the other apps e.g. Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere. According to the tech-specs of Adobe it should work with all apps. I wasn't able to get the other apps to work. My support contact already sent the issue to the developers.

2) I did install a second language as stated in various posts and the video that was mentioned by Adobe support. The secod bug is that the new installer does not only downloads and installs the language pack, but rather the whole software (20 extra GB for nothing)

The bigger problem is that only Photoshop has a UI switch in its options dialog. Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, etc. don't have this switch. So despite having downloaded (the full package) and installed a second language version of the software it is still running in the first language and you can't switch it. At the moment the only option is to uninstall the respective programs, re-download, and re-install them again in another language.

Have you ever wondered what was the first photo ever photoshoped? Well, John Knoll, one of Adobe Photoshop's creators took a picture of his wife Jennifer on a beach in Bora-Bora. He later used that picture for demos of Photoshop and even included it in the installation package naming it "Jennifer in paradise". Here is the very first picture ever photoshoped.

Photoshop and derivatives such as Photoshopped (or just Shopped) have become verbs that are sometimes used to refer to images edited by Photoshop,[33] or any image manipulation program. The same happens not only in English but as the Portuguese Wikipedia entry for image manipulation attests, even in that language, with the trademark being followed by the Portuguese verb termination -ar, yielding the word "photoshopar" (to photoshop). Such derivatives are discouraged by Adobe[7] because, in order to maintain validity and protect the trademark from becoming generic, trademarks must be used as proper nouns.[citation needed]

Speech to Text transcriptions is now claimed to be 3x faster on Intel Core i9 and Apple M1 systems and typically 2x faster on other current processors.With downloaded and locally stored language packs editors can now use Speech to Text on a device, leveraging the GPU and ML capabilities of modern chipsets for faster performance.

@ MarcAfter studying InDesign again, I believe if one does not need the features that ME version provides, then all one need to do is just install the language pack will do (I dont have the CS4 one but CS5). Do remember that the -J and -ME rule still applies. (Subject to confirmation on directly using Arabic language pack without a ME version issue since it is much troublesome and slower to download a ME version which is not offered in Adobe official webpage.)

Thanx Marc, it works, but... after I've changed the language from dutch (10) to US English (2) some keyboard shortcuts did not work anymore, like ESC to exit presentation mode and W to enter preview mode. When I changed the language back to dutch my keyboard shortcuts worked fine again...

Haste Sketch Photoshop Action You can use this action in photoshop CS5, CS6, CC, CC2014, CC2015, CC2015.5, and CC2017. The only restriction is that you must install the version in English. For now, other languages are not supported.


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