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Christ's Power in Prayer

One hundred and sixty three years ago a man of prayer got into a horse drawn car to go to work in New York City. Glancing at the front page of the paper he had the most overwhelming desire to pray-- the Nation was in the grip of economic depression and in those days they called it a Panic. As he rode downtown to his office he realized that pessimism was rampant, businesses were closing, wages were down, thousands of people out-of-work were walking the streets, and Lanphier was worried. Predictions of the end of the world paralleled earthquakes, fires, and no food on tables at homes.

On September 23, 1857, Lanphier was not anyone, not a large business executive nor a great figure in politics. He was a simple clerk who knew about his own faith filled prayers and the Power of Christ's movement in the world (the Kingdom of God) because of prayer. Before he got off at his work stop he was inspired! His idea, the Lord's idea, was to have a prayer meeting so he rented a certain office on Fulton street and put up a few advertisements and extended personal invitations. They would pray. He got to Fulton and put twenty chairs in a circle, prayed, and waited.

He prayed that there would be a tremendous change in America and in himself. The first day he was the only one there. The second day a few of his acquaintances came. The third day all twenty chairs were filled. More folks came as time went on and as those pray-ers gathered to pray, sometimes someone would start a song, and they began to give a five minute limitation on each person's words. October 10, 1857 the stock market crashed. During this prayers continued. Many prayed out loud, there were sometimes long silences, and the singing was inspirational. News of this contagious prayer meeting where all were welcome to attend spread as the newspapers picked up what was one person's inspired momentum.

From this New York City location startup followed Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, the West Coast, and the Southern States. Prayer led to Spiritual Revival and with it came a new upsurge of business and social life, and North America began to prosper once more. The Power of Christ through prayer moves in a Mighty way through believers when we, like Jeremiah Lanphier, say, "Let's pray together." Christ's Kingdom Power is released and revives us! This works for us individually and as communities throughout the World.

Scriptures say that we are to pray without ceasing. How? We are to have Christ's Presence so permeate out beings that we continually are in communion with Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit's enablement. Through prayer our World is filled with possibilities arising out of what was before impossibilities. Reading this you may be immediately reminded of someone or someone's for whom you need to cover with diligent prayers. Prayers are needed due to sickness or disease, a bad business situation or a personal tragedy, or a situation where you've been asked to pray for someone or Holy Spirit wants you to pray for someone. Square your shoulders, bow your head and pray hard, keep praying, ask others to join you and get prayers going in your neighborhood and community.

Christ's Kingdom Power is released in plenty when we steadfastly pray together.

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