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God Will Sustain You

Cast your burden on the Lord,

and He will sustain you;

He will never permit

the righteous to be moved. Psalm 55:22

Jesus wants to love you and He will never fail you. He is pure love. Instantly He responds when you talk with Him about what is on your mind because He is love. When your mind is filled with questions you may unburden onto Him and He makes your cares His own. Talk to the Lord about it.

Christ is faithful to see it through, all the way through, with you. He sustains you. Jesus has done this for us as we've gone through this pandemic, hasn't He? We have prayed fervently for those who are ill and for the dying. We've longed to hold hands and soothe brows but we've had to hold back and only Christ has helped us with self-control and patience.

Jesus will sustain us with His love throughout the next adjustments we will need to make. We keep ourselves stayed in Him as we help and assist others. This abundant life that Christ blesses us with is for our service to Him, to be His disciples who love others like He loves us. His will for you is to love others with kindness, forgiveness, and to share the news that Christ is so easy to talk to and will never fail us.

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