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Good Friday—Friday, March 29, 2024

As we reflect on the events of Holy Thursday, we are reminded of the profound contrast between the adoration Jesus received as He entered Jerusalem and the betrayal and suffering He would endure just a day later. The voices that hailed Him as Messiah King heard those that cry out for His crucifixion.

In the tumult of that fateful day, we witness not only the cruelty of those who condemned Jesus but also the frailty of human nature. The fear of the powerful yielded to the clamor of the crowd, and the course of justice was perverted. Yet, in the midst of this darkness, God's divine purpose was at work, turning even the darkest moments into opportunities for redemption.

The disappointment of those who expected Jesus to deliver them from earthly oppression echoes through the ages. How often do we, too, find ourselves disillusioned when God's plans diverge from our own? Yet, in His infinite wisdom, God's ways surpass our understanding. His refusal to grant our every desire is an act of love, guiding us away from paths that lead to harm.

In Jesus, we find the embodiment of sacrificial love and unwavering obedience to the Father's will. His willingness to endure suffering for our sake reveals the depth of God's love for humanity. Through His sacrifice, we are offered a path to redemption, a chance to surrender our own will and trust in His Divine plan.

As we look at the events of Good Friday, may we humbly submit ourselves to God's will, recognizing that His ways are higher than our own. Let us find comfort and hope in the knowledge that, through the sacrifice of Jesus, we are offered the gift of eternal life. Today, let us lift our voices in praise and gratitude to the One who gave everything for our salvation.

Rev. Patricia E. Walker,



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