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Holy Jesus and The Fishermen

As little boys they leaned on God's help. Now as young men the four know where the fish travel the currents, on water they're adequately abled to throw nets with the net mouth open accurately positioned, and on land the love they have for their family causes them to enhance their fishing stories into interesting drama.

Look, there He is walking by the Sea of Galilee. Holy Jesus. The Gospel of Matthew points us to Christianity as a working person's religion in that Andrew and Peter are called from work to leave everything and follow the Messiah Jesus. Training for best work by Him, folks are like fish to be caught and taken into the Kingdom Of God. So too we too are trained by Jesus as He uses us..

God has made you right, skilled, and useful in order to help Him. Just as Andrew and Peter are filled with Jesus' companioning Presence for guidance and training, so too are you and others. Others are going to be different kinds of folks and together you'll be blended with them to fish. Learn to like the differences.

Bring the children to Him gently and kindly. Turn the elderly away from troubles with reminders of Him. Encourage His workers to place His work as priority. He has taught you Holy Love and confidence. Lean on and trust Him. God's help us sure for us.

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