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I Am The Light Of The World

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Jesus spoke to them saying, “I Am the Light of the World. Whoever believes in Me will never walk in darkness but will have the Light of Life.” John 8:12

As Jesus speaks, huge golden lamps light the temple interior and His warm words mark the special event, the Festival of Booths. Here, Jesus is brilliantly eloquent as His illuminating imagery gives understanding of who He is, what He is doing, and what He means to us.

Jesus Christ is our everything; just as light helps us to see, so does He. We who have walked in darkness see His Great Light of Love (within us and around us) revealing Truth in circumstances, Security in His guidance, and Peace in the midst of trauma.

Counting on Jesus means that you use His Light all the time, day or night. Belief is a verb, an action word. And more than that, belief is relying on His very Presence which is Alive with you.

The Light of His Love beams out to us from the Cross-- for we are connected to Him and to each other with His Love. Let us remember to Love as He Loves us.

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