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My Rock and Salvation

God alone is my Rock and Salvation. Psalm 62:3

I grew up on the desert foothills of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque. We had boulders in our backyard that were bigger than I was in Elementary School. I first read this Scripture while sitting on a boulder in our backyard and how it inspired! Our Rock is God and Salvation is Jesus Christ!!

You and I can count on God to be faithful and God's commitment to each one of us is true. God will not betray us. Heavenly Father will not turn His back on us when we are in need or otherwise. Heavenly Father is our Rock. This means a lot to a kid sitting on a rock knowing Heavenly Father is the Rock.

The impact of our Scripture is powerful for us today. The Rock of our Salvation lives within our hearts and minds. Ask anything in Jesus' Name and believe. Heavenly Father moves out with Almighty Power to answer your prayer. Holy Spirit will help you see Heavenly Father's answer. Rely on Heavenly Father.


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