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Our Hearts Join As One

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Next week my Aunt Nilla lives to have her 104th Birthday. I’m reminded of Irving Berlin who lived to be to 101 and said, “The question is, ‘Are you going to be a crabby old man or are you going to write another song?’” Irving Berlin was a Russian Jewish immigrant who wrote over 1000 songs including, God Bless America, White Christmas, and Easter Parade-- he loved writing songs!

His songs are Aunt Nilla's favorites. And when we speak with her on the phone she exudes enthusiasm, her love for family and friends, and her faith in Christ. Years ago when she began to go blind she started inventing new ways to do her routine things. She shares my families’ love to walk long distances outdoors and instructed her son to put a circled rope line widely around her openly woodsy backyard in order to continue walks.

After that, realizing she was loosing touch with the younger generation of her community, she asked the High School to send two girls weekly to her home. The three gather around her old kitchen table where they open their laptop computers and regale her with updates on the subjects taught in their various classes and they report latest news of new galaxies found, educational oppression of same age girls in other countries, and such.

Intermittently she will tell them of her life’s good memories, laugh with them, and be entertaining. Aunt Nilla is most charming when she speaks of her faith and the strong anticipation she holds for Jesus’ Return. Our Lord is still leading in paths of His Righteousness. She sings, 'God Bless America,' and afterwards says, "...and God bless this world.

To that we ask, ‘who has not been shaken by over 21,000 folks who perished in the Turkey/Syria recent earthquake?’ Globally our prayers have focused on them. Our brothers and sisters whom we love and God loves have experienced such tragedy. We don’t have to pray, “God be with them,” because we know by faith that He is.

Our hearts join as one praying for each survivor and those left homeless. We place them within Christ’s Grace for healing as Turkey/Syria continue with recovery, repairs, funerals, and bowed heads in grief.


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