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As God is with you He is enabling you to accomplish marvelous things for Him-- drawing others near to His Son, moving your neighborhood and community to right living by the Power of the Holy Spirit, and using your words to influence others.

He has put a dream into your heart which you can attain for Him, just as you have accomplished may goals for Him in your life. Reject uncertainty and doubt and live for Christ. Christ has given us the example of girding Himself with a towel and becoming a servant to wash others feet. The lowliest of tasks.

Christ shows you that no task is too lowly in God's Kingdom, no blockade too mighty for you to patiently wait as He shows you the way around it, and as you persevere with faith in Him your prayers will strengthen you to rise up like an eagle in the sky-- to run and not need rest, to walk and not become tired. When it is the Lord's work and you persevere with Him the result is for His glory.

But the people who trust the Lord will become strong again. They will rise up as an eagle in the sky; they will run and not need rest; they will walk and not become tired. Isaiah 40:11


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