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We're His Children

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:3

Dad went to heaven on Wednesday. I didn't expect it. I heard his last breath as I was sleeping on the couch near him because he'd had a minor stroke the Friday before and was recovering. He breathed in deeper than I had ever heard him breath in his life-- like he was taking in Holy Spirit Refreshment. Then he slowly let the breath out of him and Holy Spirit Love filled the room as Jesus took him on his Heavenly journey.

Shortly after that God gave Mom a vision of Dad passing through Heaven's Gate. Glorious! Then later, God gave Mom a vision of a very long line of family in Heaven coming to greet Dad and the joy on Dad's face as he embraced his parents. I share with you my witness of the blessings of our Lord Jesus after Dad's death as I found myself grounded in child-like faith as our Heavenly Father orchestrated his compassion for Mom and I during the surprise of Dad's death.

My brother and I officiated at Dad's Memorial Service beside Dad's open grave. As his children we felt we could not say enough about the awesome Christian Dad that we'd been blessed with and our memories were directed by Holy Spirit, connected to Scriptures he loved and as he was an extraordinary Church leader and Bible teacher. We three kids have patterned our lives after both Dad and Mom's faith while we were growing up. Dad was a great encourager and an influence for Christ on more lives than ours. His guidance as Christ's servant was shown as he offered to help others into the Ministry.

What a great Dad; now with the Saints in Heaven!

My interview with Dad

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