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A few individuals were questioned: "What is one lesson you've acquired from your parents?" A response should readily come to mind. One man found this to be true. Orphaned during his teenage years, he attested that the teachings instilled by his parents proved invaluable when they passed away—lessons that influenced every aspect of his life. He embodies a living testament to these lessons, which were rooted in the teachings of Christ.

Learning from one's parents is akin to launching pads into independence—a journey into self-sufficiency. It's a timely process requiring courage and prayer. Exceptional parents impart the wisdom of being abundant in love, generosity, friendship, and compassion. These are profound lessons! Sooner or later, this generosity opens the door to faith.

Generosity fortifies one's character because, at times, it may be met with rejection. While a few may misunderstand your intentions, most people will grasp the essence of your generosity. Strive to leave others with the impression of a holy generosity, for out of God's generosity, we have received Christ. Christ bestows upon us everything from our Heavenly Father. Therefore, generosity becomes sacred, as its source originates from our Lord. Be lavish with love, goodness, friendship, and His compassionate spirit.

Those who extend generosity are blessed, as they share their sustenance with the less fortunate. (Proverbs 22:9)


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