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What Is Your Age?

Those who try to make their life secure will lose it, but those who lose their life will keep it. Luke 17:33

We have been freed by the Holy Spirit to speak and take action for Jesus at every age! In this freedom we keep our exuberant living secure in the Lord's purpose. The world may tell us through advertising that looking and acting young is most important and yet the best living that we can do is to live young at heart which gives us zest and zeal as Christians.

Our Scriptures give us youthful examples of Joseph, Samuel, and David. Important also is that God also called Noah, Abraham and Sarah, Moses, Aaron, and Miriam in their mature years. Mary gave birth to Jesus in her youth and Sarah was in her nineties when she carried Isaac.

God evaluates our lives with His own unique standards. Our years are God's good gifts to us. When we follow the direction of the Holy Spirit we are called to be better than we have to be. Spirit directed, we readily respond for our Lord Jesus' glory! Our Savior gave His life for our salvation so that we who belong to Him are useful all the days of our lives.


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